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        whoever said "when in rome, do as romans do",
        has never driven a car there.

        Last month, I was lucky enough to go and help a couple of friends to shoot a destination wedding in Rome. And well, whilst in Rome… It is one of my favourite cities in the world despite being one of the busiest places full of tourists. With only a few hours in the late afternoon on the first day, we still went around and roamed around (yes, easy pun!) a little. With only an iphone and my Contax in hand, I snapped a couple of shots here and there to document yet another place I got lucky to visit!

        If you have never been… you should!

        Full of little streets, colourful buildings and places to eat pasta & pizza at every corner, it’s such an easy city to visit and walk around. One weekend wouldn’t be enough to experience the History, the Culture, the Food and the Nightlife of a place like this… Put it on your must-see list!

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