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        California Dreamin’


        She's as busy as the new york city streets,
        with a soul as colourful as an L.A sunset.
        She's not complicated, just passionate about keeping her vibe alive.

        Back in October, on our way back to New Zealand we met up with gorgeous Doro for a little surf lifestyle session. Doro is a brand ambassador for swimwear line Oy Surf Apparel and we fell in love with their bikinis perfected for the busy surfer girl. The best part of it all was to make a friend along the way who made us discover a couple of sweet Californian spots we had no idea even existed.

        Moments before and after the waves are fascinating to us: the life of a surfer, the friendships, the chilled out and stoked attitude, the expectation before getting into the water, the adrenaline, the excitement. It all totally captures our creative brains.