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        in the end we only regret
        the chances we didn't take,
        the decisions we didn't make,
        the people we didn't love enough.

        It’s been over six months since we have had a working website and it was time for us to put something together whilst we are waiting for a brand new website to be designed and developed.
        So much has happened in the last few months, from the birth of our own little human Axel to the northern migration for the European Summer and many amazing clients across the globe.

        We cannot wait to share some of the latest work we have been working on from weddings, to portraits, and lifestyle: it’s all amazing, improved and shaping bubblerock the way we have always wanted it to be.

        It’s bitter-sweet indeed as today I had to make the big decision to wipe years of work on our original website (and others I spent countless hours to build) as it was my only way to move forward. It is hard to not have a record of what bubblerock was a few months back but whilst this is a placeholder for something better and cooler, at least, the conversation is back and you get to come and hang out with us on our little corner of the world wide web.

        Are you ready for the ride?