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        2017 you beauty


        You are terrifically timeless, incredibly surprising,
        abundantly full of fun and magnificent beyond words.
        You are 2017.

        What… It’s 2017? You’re kidding, right? For us, it means our son will be one (see how our world has slightly changed in terms of our outlook?) but it also means we are in the thick of New Zealand wedding season and we are loving it. With a purposefully slow January, February is seriously crazy and we thought we’d share some of the craziness with you today and show what 2017 has already had in store for the bubblerock team.

        There is an clear theme (BEACH) and feeling through our start of the season – laughter (and a lot of it); fun, gorgeous and elegant people, and emotions running wild. From two Canadian eloping on our shores, to one couple surprising their guests with a slight change of venue (picture everyone being taken to a ferry to get to an island in the harbour), those who love to dance and some who seriously know HOW to dance. We can’t really complain; it’s been epic!

        2017, you beauty!

        baby, let’s elope.

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        dance with me

        Barefeet. Salty hair. Don’t care.

        those who surf together, stay together.

        When you trade your surfboard for a tux and a Rue De Seine gown. That’s MAGIC.

        Nothing beats a little fun and a lot of elegance.