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        JENN & THOMAS


        she was just as much calm as she was chaos.
        a fragile beauty, the perfect storm.
        - a.j. lawless

        We’re super stoked to see Jenn and Thomas wedding featured over on Magnolia Rouge… Let’s say we were super excited to shoot this wedding and it was not for nothing. What an awesome day we had… from the nicest of people to the coolest of couple, the location, the lavender fields, the ceremony as a whole: it just was fun and happy stuff all day long.

        Here is a sneak peek but if you want to see more, head over to Magnolia Rouge

        bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0028bubblerock_provence_wedding01 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0040bubblerock_provence_wedding02bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0055bubblerock_provence_wedding03 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0095bubblerock_provence_wedding04 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0116bubblerock_provence_wedding05 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0119bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0142bubblerock_provence_wedding06 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0151bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0153bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0154bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0155bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0161bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0158bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0159bubblerock_provence_wedding07 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0163 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0165 bubblerock_ProvenceWedding_Grignan_OnFilm_0166

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