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        We received a lot of questions about filmmaking, photography, business, branding, destination work, or simply asking for a little insight, support and pep talk. So we chose to offer a small number of mentor sessions per year both in New Zealand and in France, or wherever you wish as long as you get us there. If all fails, there is always skype!
        Get in touch for more information.


        The first edition of Film Camp was held back in 2014 and it was just the most refreshing gathering, something we all needed at that specific moment.
        With that in mind, we launched the film atelier and hope to have one happen soon.
        The Film Roadtrip is its nomadic sister. Think a bunch of crazy cool kids you join on a few days travelling through the wilderness, as disconnected as possible.


        We believe we can all grow through sharing our knowledge, experience, and mistakes; even successes. So we thought we'd create a catalogue of resources about what we do, how we do it and what we use to do it. It's a work in progress and you can find here a selection of PDFs we put together either to help with our day-to-day or just about our processes and techniques.
        They are free, they are cool and you can download them below.

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